browser 奖励计划


Пользователь получает % от майнинговой деятельности своих друзей. Даже если тебя нет в сети, а тот, кого ты привёл, есть, ты всё равно получаешь от него %. Твой % никак не влияет на их %. Это то же самое, что пользоваться Google, ты просто получаешь за это деньги.

Brave Browser

Creators can earn up to $7.50 USD in Basic Attention Tokens for qualified referrals* that download brave using their referral code. You'll need to verify your website so it's a bit more complicated than the usual signup and refer scheme.


Earn Satoshi for mining. Withdrawable at 1000 Satoshi upwards. 1000 Satoshi can be reached in 2 days.


Share your referral link with friends to earn 10 DATAcoin for every new installation of Swash! Whoever refers the most new users each month will receive 1000 DATAcoin.

Netbox NBX

Invite users via referral program: if user comes via your referral link and creates Netbox.Wallet, each of you get 1 NBX. Besides, each of you get 9 NBX after the first month of using Netbox.Browser.


Sign up using the exact link provided and install the extension onto your browser. Complete the full sign up process and list your profile preferences. Once you come across your first advert and earn your first token you will be rewarded

Orange Pie

Earn $2 for every installation from users under countries participating the OrangePie program.


The more you give – the more you get. The more users you invite — the more DEC you’ll get as a reward. Reward sum depends on total amount of users who have been invited from you and passed all 3 steps to get on board.


Download Browlser today from The App Store and claim a FREE NFT worth $50 (£35).

Cocoon MDR

When someone you refer signs up with the code you provided, uses the browser and earns $7 or more in rewards, $2 will be deposited in your MyData Rewards account. Increase your balance and start referring friends today by copying your unique code